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About Us

The Community Veterinary Clinic opened for business in 1989 when the founders, Dr. Jeff LaCroix and Dr. Dana Taylor, joined together as partners, and moved Dr. LaCroix's existing practice in Easton, CT to the present location on Fairfield Woods Road. Dr. Daly joined the clinic in 1995 and later became co-owner with Dr. Taylor. Dr. Bauer married Dr. Taylor's daughter in 2017, and began working at Community Veterinary Clinic in 2018. We strive to provide the same honest, personalized and compassionate care that has been provided to our clients over the last 30+ years.

All of our doctors are members of the AVMA (national), CVMA (state) and FCVMA (county) veterinary organizations.
All of our doctors are accredited by the USDA to issue health and travel certificates both domestically and internationally.

Meet The Team

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Wendy Daly, DVM

Dr. Wendy Daly graduated in 1991 from the
    University of Minnesota College of Veterinary
    Medicine. She has been at Community Veterinary Clinic since 1995. Dr. Daly was previously co-owner of Community Veterinary Clinic and is still seeing cases. She enjoys all things comedy and is even known to tell a joke or two during appointments!


Kranz Bauer, VMD

 Dr. Kranz Bauer joined Community
    Veterinary Clinic in 2018 and purchased the practice in 2020.
    He is a 2015 graduate of the University of Pennsylvania College of Veterinary Medicine. He is originally from Baltimore, MD where he grew up playing lacrosse and watching the O's. 

Dr. Meade.jpg

Patricia Meade, DVM

Dr. Patricia Meade joined Community Veterinary Clinic in 2022. She is a 2022 graduate of the Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine. She enjoys wildlife photography, trips to zoos, aquariums and beaches! What she enjoyed most at LSU was crawfish boils and football games!

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