Veterinary Information Network


     Use this site as a tool to research veterinary medical information (much like WebMD).

Cornell Feline Health Center

Video Aids

     A useful visual guide to common home procedures for cats, including trimming nails, administering oral medications and giving insulin injections for diabetic patients

Prescription Home Delivery 

     We offer our clients Home Delivery of a vast range of quality pet health products. Ordering is simple and is delivered right to your door.


Animal Poison Control Center

     This poison control web site includes a library, links to other sites, and phone numbers for the poison control center.


Hill's Pet Nutrition

     This animal nutrition company produces many of the prescription diets that we use to compliment treatment of certain conditions found in our pets. Use it if you have concerns or questions regarding applicable diets that have been recommended by our staff.

The Indoor Pet Initiative

     An excellent resource for owners looking to create a pet friendly environment in their home for either dogs or cats. Helps to prevent or mitigate common behavioral problems.